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Atlanta Women's Counseling

Atlanta Counseling Therapy and Psychiatry for Women

Women's Issues and Counseling

"Women are still  faced with many challenges in today’s world and coping with roles which are constantly changing can be difficult. Women are find themselves in the role of caretaker for everyone else but themselves and often neglect their own emotional wellness. However, It is really important to have proper support as you navigate these challenges and transitions. I can provide non-judgmental and compassionate therapeutic experience to assist you in your time of need." ~ 
Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW

Areas of focus are:
  • Women’s Issues:
  • Women and “Superwoman Syndrome”
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Working Mothers Guilt
  • Women and Sexuality/sexual identity
  • Women in College (individuation, societal pressure, etc)
  • Women with Intimacy Issues
  • Women cycling in abusive or unloving relationships
  • Women and Sexual or Emotional Trauma
  • Woman effected by Substance Addicted loved ones
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A New Atlanta Women's Group is Forming!
Join today!

 Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW is forming a new group for Atlanta Women who need emotional and therapeutic support while working through their concerns and issues.

This Women's group addresses a broad range of problems, concerns and issues: 
  • Women's Identity & Development
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Women & Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Women and Body Image Issues

Benefits of Women's Supportive Group Therapy:
  • Find a Supportive Group of Women as You Navigate Your Issues
  • Discover Your Inner Strength
  • Gain Insight into Yourself and Others
  • Overcome Barriers and Obstacles to Your Peace of Mind and Happiness
  • Learn New Coping Skills to Deal with Life
  • Find Your Voice in Society
  • Heal Past Wounds and Hurts
  • Become Empowered and Confident
Call Therapist Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW to become a part of a Supportive Women's Group:

APPA: (770) 674-0553 Option 6

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