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Precious Evans, LCSW

Precious Avorkliyah-Evans, LCSW

Precious Avorkliyah-Evans, LCSW
Emotional Wellness Consultant
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Precious Avorkliyah-Evans is a licensed clinical social worker who strives to provide a safe environment where truth and acceptance exist.

Precious, " The Modern Therapist", brings laughter, transparency, modern technology, modern informal conversation and modern transformation to the therapeutic relationship.

The Modern therapy experience is one that rejects the stereotype of awkward sessions, rigid therapists and little to no feedback. Precious believes that internal conflict and emotional despair are a product of personal or societal rejections of our truth (our true beliefs, feelings or perception), which lay beneath our conscious need to conform or align our persona with the expectations of others. Precious affirms that in order to become emotionally progressive and adaptive we must identify, confront and accept our truths and then work to create a reality that will allow us to thrive with a more adjusted sense of self and purpose.

Precious identifies Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as her theoretical orientation, however is known to places her client's needs at the center of her approach by applying techniques that best fit the client.

Precious wants her clients to know that it is time to stop stuffing and hiding from your hurt! A support person who offers insight, positive perspective and problem resolution methods/coping skills is necessary and nothing to be ashamed of! It is time to treat yourself to peace of mind!

Precious is skilled in the areas of:

Depression-If you find yourself tearful, unmotivated, uninterested, self isolating and under or overindulging in superficially pleasing activities such as eating or using drugs your may be depressed. (uncovering the source of depression, addressing despair and adopting new perspectives and skills)

Stress Management (Adjusting to difficult circumstances or sudden shifts in your life)Generalized Anxiety (How to uncover the source of anxiety and develop coping skills)

Sexual Abuse (How to move past sexual assault and rape)

Domestic Abuse (emotion, financial and physical abuse from spouse or family member)

Workplace Conflict (Feeling void of fulfillment in your career, Struggling to get along w/ coworkers, Wondering if your are in the field for you)Failure to

Thrive Issues- (looking to find the right career, how to position yourself for success, how to be respected and tackle entrepreneurship)

Couples Therapy- (developing mutual expectations for the relationship, improving communication, effective conflict resolution, repairing old wounds etc.)Aging and Retirement- (finding new purpose and new passion after retirement, relearning and redefining yourself)

Women's Issues-Women are still faced with many challenges in today’s world and coping with roles which are constantly changing can be difficult. Women find themselves in the role of caretaker for everyone else but themselves and often neglect their own emotional wellness. However, It is really important to have proper support as you navigate these challenges and transitions. I can provide non-judgmental and compassionate therapeutic experience to assist you in your time of need.Areas of focus are:

Women and “Superwoman Syndrome”Women in the WorkplaceWorking Mothers GuiltWomen and Sexuality/sexual identityWomen in College (individuation, societal pressure, etc)

Women with Trust and Intimacy Issues

Women cycling in abusive or unloving relationshipsWomen and Sexual or Emotional

TraumaWomen who are Single, Dating and In Despair (looking to find better outcomes in your dating life, or in attempt to settle down and find a long term/permanent relationship)

Woman effected by Substance Addicted loved ones.
LGBTQ Dealing with Societal pressure can cause intense internal and external conflicts.

It is important to get help with managing the impact of these challenges. I can provide confidential, respectful and compassionate therapy service to enable you to achieve emotional wellness and happiness.”