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Atlanta Men and Women Group Therapy

Cost-effective and confidential group therapy.
Affordable Group Psychotherapy & Support!

 We have affordable group therapy  treatments in  Atlanta. Individuals  seeking to experience change  with  regard to their depression, anxiety,  Bipolar  Disorder,  Addiction Recovery,  and interpersonal  relationships  are  welcomed to register for one of  our  therapy  groups.

 Group therapy is a form  psychotherapy 
treatment.  Our  groups  usually have one or two therapists who  function  as facilitators to treat a small  group of  clients together  as a group.  Group therapy is often  more cost  effective than individual therapy.
Our  group fees are very close  to most individual's co-pays, which makes them more  affordable. 

Group therapy also consists of "talk" therapy, but may also include other therapeutic forms such as dialectical behavioral therapy and lectures in a classroom setting. 

Groups are therapeutic with an emphasis on peer supportiveness.

  • With drug addiction and alcoholism, we emphasize a holistic approach to recovery that includes psychotherapy, group therapy, nutrition, exercise and a "brain recovery" approach as the foundation for complete recovery. We use evidence-based research in addiction brain science: "Unchain Your Brain," by Daniel Amen, MD along with the medical bio-psycho-social model for recovery success! 

  • We also utilize evidence-based Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills for dealing with impulse control, emotional mood swings, and cravings triggers, which are associated with addiction.  
  • Groups are lead by Dr. Daniel David, who has extensive experience working with men in addiction recovery for over 20 years. 

Group Therapy
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We have Men's and Women's
Therapy Groups in Metro Atlanta!

Give Yourself the Gift of Therapy!

Call APPA at:

(770) 674-0553


Atlanta Men's Therapy Groups 
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 6PM-7:30PM

We provide two psychotherapy groups for men struggling with addictions.  The maximum therapy group size is 8. Confidentiality is emphasized. We meet weekly. 

We are ideal for men who: 

(1) are recovery focused, 
(2) may struggle with the traditional 12-Steps (AA, NA, etc.) approach,
(3) want to improve their relationships, 
(4) want to heal and improve their male identities, 
(5) who are motivated for real, lasting change in their lives. 
(6) who struggle with the "Higher Power" aspect of 12-steps

Dr. Daniel David leads the men's groups. For more information about joining a men's psychotherapy group, call Dr. David 770 - 837 -8137


A New Atlanta Women's Group is Forming! 
Join today!

 Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW is forming a new group for Atlanta Women who need emotional and therapeutic support while working through their concerns and issues. 

This Women's group addresses a broad range of problems, concerns and issues: 
  • Women's Identity & Development
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Women & Depression
  • Relationship Problems
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Women in the Workplace
  • Women and Body Image Issues

Benefits of Women's Supportive Group Therapy:
  • Find a Supportive Group of Women as You Navigate Your Issues
  • Discover Your Inner Strength
  • Gain Insight into Yourself and Others
  • Overcome Barriers and Obstacles to Your Peace of Mind and Happiness
  • Learn New Coping Skills to Deal with Life
  • Find Your Voice in Society
  • Heal Past Wounds and Hurts
  • Become Empowered and Confident
Call Therapist Precious Avorkliyah, LCSW to become a part of a Supportive Women's Group:

APPA: (770) 674-0553 Option 6